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Marius Costache

Just wanted to say thank you! I landed a job two days ago. They'll have me pair-programming with a senior level coder.

Michael Evans

I like the delivery as well as the content. I would love to buy more from this instructor.

Sandra Adams-Hallie

Rob has enabled me to learn so much in very little time and I have understood it all very well. Can't wait to keep going.

Belma Gaukrodger

I started applying for jobs three weeks ago and am at the final round of interviews. I was able breeze through the technical tests on javascript no problem!

Brandon Mitchell

Repetition, repetition, repetition. Very clear and informative. Explains everything that is happening and why, in small digestible pieces.

Alecia Vogel

I really love how you explain everything so simply - it makes it feel like, kind of laid back, no pressure but really informative.

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