The Live Coding Bootcamp

Jumpstart your career in software.

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Due to COVID-19, courses are only being offered in an online format until further notice.
  • In-person ($1800) --Unavailable
  • Online ($1200) --Unavailable

Instructor: Rob Dey


  • Breakfast and lunch (in-person only)
  • Course materials
  • 1-year Upskill Pro Membership


In this intense week of training, you'll accelerate from a beginner to a self-sufficient software developer. While you cannot become an expert in one week (expertise requires roughly 10,000 hours of practice), you'll be exposed to enough breadth and depth with programming concepts that you'll graduate with the confidence to continue on as a self-taught programmer.

You'll learn by doing, writing a significant amount of code, and build the foundations (and earn the confidence) necessary for embarking on your software development journey and career.

The core skills and knowledge you gain from this class will set you on a path where you'll be capable of self-teaching any subset of the software industry from web development, mobile/iOS/Android, game development, machine learning, etc. - in other words, the goal is to transform you into a capable autodidact.

With a clear understanding of the industry landscape, armed with essential knowledge and a portfolio of real world projects - this week of rigorous training will be the foundation you need to pursue a career as a self-taught programmer.

Target Audience

This class is for beginners/newcomers who are interested in adding software engineering to their skillset. If you are coming from a different career background or need mentorship and guidance to kick off your journey with software development, this program will save you time and money in the long run by giving you all the tools and knowledge you need to become a self-taught programmer.

Intermediate-level developers looking to bolster their understanding and proficiency with JavaScript and the other technologies covered here may also benefit from this instruction.

Instruction Format

The next class will be held Monday, December 12th through Friday, December 16th 2022 from 9am to 5pm Pacific Time, with breaks for lunch and an afternoon coffee break. Due to Covid-19, the class is fully online. Students will access the instructor-led classroom live via Zoom. Each class is recorded and downloadable so that students can access the recordings at anytime in the future. Additional materials will be accessed via Github.

Each class day consists of a mix of prepared presentation by the instructor, live coded demonstrations, discussion, reading, and time to work through projects and exercises. At various points, the class explores some side projects along with a final project that includes the implementation of a full e-commerce SaaS (subscription-as-a-service) platform complete with user profiles, user authentication/login, database/hosting, etc. Throughout the class, there is a significant amount of instructor-led group discussion.

The class is a modern revision of the Coder Manual Complete Web Developer Bootcamp and the Upskill Essential Web Developer Course. The original versions of these video courses were around 35 hours in duration. This live class is approximately 40 hours of training with a heavy focus on JavaScript, computer science fundamentals, algorithms, and other foundational topics that will make students self-sufficient developers with the confidence to dig deeper in the area of software they desire.


This class is best suited for beginners/newcomers or intermediate-level developers. No previous coding experience is required, although some practice with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is helpful. This class is rigorous and covers extensive breadth and depth in the areas described below. Though students will be challenged significantly at times, the format allows for plenty of one-on-one or group interaction with the instructor so that no student falls behind. The program is fully guaranteed - your satisfaction is paramount and a full refund will be offered at any point if you are not completely happy with the experience.


Practical Basics

  • Programming fundamentals with JavaScript
  • Data-types: Numbers, Strings, Booleans, Arrays, Functions, Objects
  • HTML & CSS
  • Bootstrap and jQuery
  • Learn to launch a website in minutes: servers/hosting, DNS, SEO
  • Build a blog from scratch with Node.js and database

Computer Science Fundamentals

  • Data Structures
  • Algorithms
  • Big O Notation: Space and Time Complexity
  • Computer architecture and analog to digital conversion
  • Binary math, circuits

Practical Applications

  • Real world project: build a SaaS startup
  • Node.js and Express (modules, middleware, callbacks/promises/async/await)
  • MongoDB - SQL vs. NoSQL databases
  • How to utilize API's
  • Integrating Stripe for online stores, e-commerce, subscription payments
  • Using Amazon AWS to store and retreive digital assets
  • Using Github to manage code and teams
  • Deploying to live, scalable production servers

Autodidactism and Continuing Education

  • Best books and online resources for further learning and self-teaching
  • Industry landscape overview of job roles, titles, and emerging fields
  • Tools and techniques for further learning, study plans, and achieving mastery
  • Best job boards and strategies for finding the best fit
  • Tips for building résumés and preparing for job interviews

Goals and Outcomes

The objective of this training program is to transform you into a self-sufficient programmer by giving you the foundations you need to embark on a successful career. While you will learn alot and write a substantial amount of code, you obviously cannot learn all of the skills necessary for a job as a software engineer in one week - this class is meant to guide you through careful mentorship and practice so that you are fully capable of preparing yourself for a career in the direction of your choice, whether that is to be a web developer, iOS developer, data scientist, etc. Others may want to enroll simply to gain a more technical understanding of software engineering so that they can lead software teams or become a more proficient product manager.

Upon successful completion of this week of training, you'll:

a) be exposed to the industry landscape and understand the terminology, job titles, and fundamental concepts in the field of software development,

b) have written hundreds of lines of code working through exercises, foundational programming theory, working with API's and SDK's, and real world projects that can serve as your portfolio,

c) gain an understanding of how to continue learning, where to find the best resources and instructional material, and how to self-teach more intermediate and advanced concepts.

This program is fully guaranteed. You may cancel at any time and receive a full refund. If you are unable to complete the class due to illness or other factors beyond your control, you will also be offered a refund for days not attended. Last, but not least, your satisfaction is fully guaranteed. If, for any reason, you are not happy with the class, please ask for a refund.

About the Instructor

Hello there! I'm Rob Dey and I'm a software engineer with expertise in full-stack (front/back-end) web development. Over the last 10+ years I've built software for Coca-Cola, Toyota, Newell Rubbermaid, Edison Nation, First Data, Bennigan's, and more. My courses have reached over 100,000 students and I've taught software engineering General Assembly. I've also founded my own profitable startup. In addition to teaching, I'm currently developing EdTech software for musicians.