Computer Science: Data Structures and Algorithms

Learn critical computer science skills to boost your career.

Employers often look for a background in computer science when hiring, and knowledge of data structures and algorithms is central to any computer science curriculum, particularly at universities. Understanding efficient ways to store and retrieve data efficiently is critical to becoming a great programmer and this knowledge will help you throughout your career, regardless of how far along you are.

A data structure is a way to store and organize data in a computer. In these lessons, you'll learn about the most common data structures in computer science. We'll look at things like arrays, linked lists, stacks, queus, heaps, trees, and more. We'll also cover common algorithms and the concept of time complexity (i.e. efficiency).

In a follow up course, we'll also learn how to implement these data structures and algorithms using JavaScript so that you can see firsthand how they are designed and you'll get to build them yourself! These lessons are led by Mike Dane who holds a master's degree in computer science.

Skills covered in this course: Computer Science Data Structures Algorithms Time Complexity


1. Introduction (5:33) Preview
2. Arrays (5:33)
3. Linked Lists (6:52)
5. Stacks (6:23)
6. Queues (5:10)
7. Trees (8:41)
8. Min Heaps (3:38)
9. Max Heaps (3:55)
10. Binary Trees (8:49)
11. Merge Sort (6:32)
12. Bubble Sort (6:08)
13. Binary Search (6:16)
14. Time Complexity (7:47)
15. Constant Time (2:54)
16. Linear Time (4:28)
17. Logarithmic Time (3:42)