How to Use APIs: Cryptocurrency Tracker

Learn by applying your skills.

Here, you'll get to apply the skills you've learned so far to build a mini-application: a cryptocurrency tracker. You'll also get firsthand experience integrating an API (Application Programming Interface) which allows your application to talk with other applications and data.

While this is an exciting course on an interesting topic, we do not endorse the purchase of cryptocurrencies. These are emerging technologies and the world is still sorting out the usefulness and practicality of these currencies. However, the skills you learn here can be applied to many different APIs and use cases.

These lessons are taught by JavaScript consultant and teacher Mike Dane, who holds a Masters degree in computer science and has worked for Lockheed Martin.

Skills covered in this course: HTML CSS JavaScript API's HTTP DOM


1. Intro (3:24) Preview
2. Crypto Compare Api (13:15)
3. Http Requests (6:41)
4. Getting Coin Prices (10:08)
6. Updating Prices (12:46)
7. Code Review (3:24)