Important! Read Me!

IMPORTANT – Read first!

  1. This is a comprehensive course that will teach you the basics of full-stack web development.
  2. You do not have to make any additional purchases to complete this course. All materials that are provided or that you are directed to are free of charge.
  3. You MUST watch the videos in order – don't skip. The material builds upon each video.
  4. You must complete all of the videos and write all of the code to get the most value.
  5. Some lectures will include code snippets. While you should type all of the code out yourself as you progress, if you get unexpected results, try copying and pasting the snippets as needed in case you have typos. 99% of the time, errors students run into are caused by typos that are easy to miss! This is the nature of coding, at first - the typos will gradually occur less and less.
  6. FYI - sites built with the languages you will learn in this course include: Twitter, Groupon, Airbnb, Hulu, IndieGogo, Fiverr, Bloomberg, Kickstarter, LivingSocial, Lumosity, ThemeForest, UrbanDictionary, Github, Zendesk, and many more.
  7. There is an eBook available to you near the end of the course that contains information that will help you find paid full-time or freelance work.
  8. Most of all, have fun and get excited! You're about to learn life-changing skills!

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